Vacancies and application process

Information about the Application Process at Brighton Rock

The following is intened to make the application process clear:

When vacancies arise, interested people are invited to visit the Co-op to view the properties, meet a few members and ask questions regarding the Co-op. Visitors are given an application form which should be filled out and send back to the co-op by a specified date. It would be helpful for both you and us if you can additionally attend a general meeting. The dates of the monthly meetings can be found here.  They are usually held on a weekday evening at 19.30.

Based on your application shortlisting will take place prior to the interview. Our criteria for shortlisting are as follows:

  • Housing need
  • Ability to pay rent (from wages or benefits) and expected stay
  • Relevant skills for Co-op and what you can bring to the Co-op
  • Ability to share, show respect to others and equal opportunities
  • Ability to actively participate and be part of a group
  • How we feel you “fit in”, i.e. lifestyle/ work etc.

If you are invited for interview, you will be informed at least 5 days before of the place and time.

The interview takes place on a specified date (agreed with all members when the vacancy is announced). The interview day will be a weekend and daytime. There is no flexibility, prospective members must be available on the date specified. Most members of the Co-op will be present and each member will ask the interviewee a question. We are aware that being interviewed by a large panel of people can be daunting, we aim to make the interview as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

Successful candidates will be informed soon after the interview and will be invited to the allocated house for a cup of tea to meet with the other housemates. After this stage the candidate will be formally notified if successful or not.

The new member will then be put in touch with the secretary and rent officer to sign the tenancy agreement, membership forms. The new member is expected to move in and start paying rent within a period of one month unless otherwise agreed.

Hopefully this has made the application process clear.

If you would like to be notified when future vacancies arise please contact our Allocations Officer via: