Brighton Rock Housing Co-op was first established in 1987.  The Co-op consists of 3 terraced houses (with four bedrooms in each house, lounge, kitchen, bathroom/separate toilet, bike shed). The garden is spacious and shared between the houses.

We are a “self – help”  housing co-operative (formally referred to as “short-life”) Self-help housing co-operatives often utilise properties that are unsuitable for letting for a agreed period of time, which can sometimes extend for many years. For more information please visit the website

Brighton Rock is guided by the general Co-operative Principles. It offers members a safe environment and secure tenancy (

Brighton Rock has 12 housed members, all of whom have equal rights; there is no hierarchy.  Everyone attends regular monthly meetings, and  is actively involved in the running, decision making and administration of the Co-op.

Everyone has their own room, personal rooms are respected as strictly personal space. All other areas are shared.

Brighton Rock aims to be environmentally aware and to limit its impact on the environment and to support the community in which it is located.

The rent is set at an affordable level. This is paid in advance (from wages or benefits). Brighton Rock has a strict arrears policy which is applied rigorously.

All members contribute to the running of the Co-op by taking on a job, such as maintenance coordinator, rent collection, treasurer, secretary, garden coordinator, shop keeper and development officer.

Members are expected to attend monthly general meetings and occasional emergency meetings. These take place on weekday evenings at 7.30pm and generally last between 1 and 2 hours.

We have a Co-op handbook with policies and guidelines for safe and smooth running of the Co-op. The policies and guidelines are written and reviewed by the Co-op members themselves.

Members are expected to show interest and participate in occasional policy and project development groups as well as garden work and general maintenance workdays.

The houses are unsuitable for children. There are also no pets.

To balance all the hard work we also have occasional social gatherings in the houses or garden.