Meeting Dates

Brighton Rock has a General Meeting of its members (The residents – we don’t have any non-resident members) once a month. Prospective tenants are welcome to attend these meeting if they contact the secretary in advance:

Meeting Dates 2023

Jan Tue 17th 7.30pm 395
Feb Wed 15th 7.30pm 397
Mar Thur 16th 7.30pm 399
Apr Tue 11th 7.30pm 395 (AGM)
May Wed 17th 7.30pm 397
Jun Thur 15th 7.30pm 399
Jul Tue 11th 7.30pm 395
Aug Wed 16th 7.30pm 397
Sep Thur 14th 7.30pm 399
Oct Tue 17th 7.30pm 395
Nov Wed 15th 7.30pm 397
Dec Thur 14th 7.30pm 399

Please e-mail our Allocations Officer via if you would like to attend a meeting.